When I started to get issues with my laptop I got worried because the warranty I had just ran out and I knew I would have to pay to get it fixed. I usually went to Geek Squad because I didn’t have any issues before but DID THAT CHANGE.

Super rude guy basically spends the whole time trying to belittle all my questions or concerns and proceeds to tell me it would be 500 dollars (keep in mind he hasn’t done a diagnostic and was going to charge me 35 to even check it) to fix it. I wasn’t liking what I was hearing so when he said at least a month to get the repairs I said no thanks, and so I left.

When I decided to go through Axiomteck Luis was incredibly nice and actually listened to my concerns, unlike that other “business.” I got him the laptop and within a couple of days he let me know what was wrong and they were able to fix it within the same week! WHAT’S EVEN MORE IMPRESSIVE, is I didn’t even pay half of what geek squad wanted to charge me.

Definitely great service and awesome turnaround time. Axiomteck is definitely getting my business from now on.